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Cracow is the destination of millions of tourists during the year. The season here lasts all the time. The city is open, colorful and attractive. It will never get bored, because it has something in it that attracts people. Cracow delights with its style, stories and art. And we know it perfectly well and we like to share this knowledge. See our proposals for hotels for groups in Cracow.

To get to know Cracow, you have to stay in it for longer. Reach the most interesting places during the day and quietly walk in the evening. See from the outside, but also go inside. To achieve this, you need to find a comfortable accommodation base. It will provide access to all attractions, and after visiting them will provide rest. We have gathered in one place everything we need to find such a base. Discover the offer of our hotels in Cracow. If you are on this website, it means that you are looking for accommodation for a group in Cracow. You don't have a base yet or are looking for something new. Maybe you are wondering if there is an accommodation facility that will accommodate a large group of people at once, does not cost a lot of money and is located somewhere in the city center. We are from Cracow and we know very well that it is difficult to find a good hotel base.

Accommodation of a tourist group is not the same as accommodation of an individual tourist. We know the problem with the credibility of the opinion on the internet. Yes, we support the idea of sleeping in the very centre of the city and preferably in the Old Town. It is worth to have a close proximity to everywhere and not to waste time on unnecessary travels. Of course, we agree that the room should be spacious and have a bathroom, and the bed should be comfortable and have bedding. Yes, we understand that children often make noise and enjoy playing. We know what we do. We are specialists in hotels for groups in Cracow. Call us, we advise you in choosing the best base for your group. We have our own hostels, hotels and apartments in Cracow, where we accommodate even large groups. Our guests live in the Old Town or in the Kazimierz district, so that they have a close proximity to everywhere. We provide comfort and rest in nicely decorated interiors. Groups are also welcome to our restaurants, which serve even several tours at once. What's more, we suggest how to book, where to go, what to see - all this so that you can get to know Cracow and admire it. We can help you from the beginning to the end of your stay in Cracow to make you feel welcome, expected and hosted. In Polish!

Write to us - we will tell you what our possibilities are. Ask for a place for your group - we will help you choose it. We will also advise you how to spend time in our city. We can comprehensively organize the whole of your arrival to our city.

We can easily organize sightseeing tours of the Old Town, Wawel Castle and Kazimierz district. We will go with you to the Aushwitz Museum, Salt Mine in Wieliczka or Zakopane. We will show you Polish folklore and you will try our wonderful cuisine. Cracow, Malopolska and Poland have no secrets for us. We will take care of you in Cracow to make your trip a success. You can trust us.

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Our accommodation offer in Cracow


Hostel Draggo House

Comfortable rooms equipped with televisions, private baths and air conditioning are waiting for groups arriving in Krakow.

price: from 65zł/os
number of beds: 80
distance from center: 2km


Tara Hostel

Tara Hostel is more than an accommodation facility. Our guests can always count on professional and comprehensive service.

price: from 65zł/os
number of beds: 80
distance from center: 2km


Tutti Frutti Hostel

Our facility is located in the center of Krakow on Floriańska street. Surrounded by the most important attractions of Krakow.

price: from 65zł/os
number of beds: 90
distance from center: 100m


BC 29 Residence

We offer 12 spacious and air-conditioned apartments that combine modern design with the atmosphere of ancient times.

price: from 65zł/os
number of beds: 50
distance from center: 2km


Blue Aparthotel

The tastefully decorated interiors of the rooms guarantee a range of facilities, and the individual components selected with taste create a coherent aesthetically pleasing space.

price: from 65zł/os
number of beds: 130
distance from center: 2km


Miodowa Aparthotel

The rooms are tastefully decorated and equipped with a range of amenities. Everything to make you feel at home freely.

price: from 65zł/os
number of beds: 120
distance from center: 2km


Metropolitan Apartments

Each apartment is equipped with a kettle and a fridge. Some apartments have balconies with beautiful views.

price: from 65zł/os
number of beds: 110
distance from center: 2km

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